In Greece, the country where Medical Science was born and the greatest hospitals of the ancient World were built, you will enjoy health tourism services of high quality.

You will make the most out of all the features that have made Greece unique since ancient times: the rare natural environment that soothes the body and the soul, the fresh air and the wonderful climate, the therapeutic “energy” exuding from the virgin landscapes with the dense forests, rivers, lakes, springs and ancient sanctuaries.

The Health sector in Greece owns modern facilities and infrastructure in terms of building complexes, luxurious hotels and equipment in several regions of the country. Furthermore, the internationally recognized medical and nursing staff can support any medical case based on Greece’s long medical tradition.

Whatever the health problem that concerns you is, choose the health services offered in Greece and you will not lose! Both in cases of hospitalization for less than 24 hours, for example aesthetic procedures, LASIK/ eye surgery, dental issues, fertility treatments and cases of admission in special treatment unit for a large period of time, for example hemodialysis, but also for cases admitted for a certain period of time for weight loss, wellness, detoxication and recovery of physical and mental health.

The largest healthcare units are located in the country’s main urban centers, which are also very popular tourism destinations. In the context of development Health Tourism in Greece, with help of the state and private initiatives, health care units are being developed in all regions of the country, aiming to fully cover the needs of international visitors.