Greece is one of the most charismatic places in terms of natural environment beauty and mild climate conditions. The combination of landscapes that include both sea and mountain makes Greece suitable for vacations and business activities throughout the year! Greece is also considered an ideal country for city tourism. Exploring the soul of a Greek city is clearly much more than a quick look at its monuments and sights. Greek cities offer great potential, they are easily accessible and friendly towards visitors all year long, including a wide range of modern facilities and options.

Furthermore, the variety of the Greek seas, the endless miles of coasts and the thousands Greek islands, the protected sea areas, the high sunshine rates and the constantly alternating landscape are some of the elements that constitute Greece as an ideal destination for the development of sea tourism activities.

Despite its small size, Greece has a particularly rich and diverse natural environment with distinct geomorphology, strong contradictions and many areas of high ecological value. Thousands of beautiful coasts, imposing mountains, caves and canyons, lakes, rivers, rare habitats and unique ecosystems which formulate the uniqueness of Greek landscapes, making the country an ideal destination for lovers of Ecological and Alternative tourism too.

Visiting different parts of the country, the traveler has the opportunity to:

  • wander in aesthetic forests or explore national parks, not only in the mountainous hinterland but also on some islands or near rivers and lakes
  • enjoy beautiful natural monuments such as canyons, caves and waterfalls
  • observe and admire rare species of birds nesting or resorting to coastal ecosystems and wetlands (rocky coasts, sandy beaches, delta rivers, lakes, marshes etc.)
  • study the exceptional variety of Greece’s countryside flora
  • visit unique sea parks where protected species find shelter
  • participate in extreme sports activities (canoe-kayak, monoraft, hydrospeed, canyonig, mountain bike etc.)

find accommodation in standard agritourism units in various regions of the country that offer visitors the opportunity to meet and experience the local architecture, the cultural gastronomic tradition, as well as the local products, activities and everyday life of each region’s residents.


Greece offers a great journey to history and art, a true paradise for cultural tourism! Educational tours, theatrical plays, festivals, pilgrimages, visits to archeological sites, monuments and museums, excursions for studying the natural environment, the folk culture and art are only some of the what Greece has to offer in the field of cultural tourism. Anyone really interested in understanding Greece, its history and people, is up for an unforgettable cultural experience, taking a journey through time on Greece’s civilization.