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FILOKTITIS Medical Rehabilitation Center is the largest private unit of its kind in Athens, Greece, offering inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services focused on restoring the health and functional abilities of people after acute illness or injury such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, heart surgery, amputation, joint replacement, sports injuries or spinal disorders.

Physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, psychology, clinical dietician, neuropsychology and rehabilitation nursing, acupuncture, are among the highly specialized services available to FILOKTITIS’ patients.

FILOKTITIS’ team is the result of the collective efforts of many medical (physicians, orthopaedics, cardiologists, urologists, otolaryngologists, surgeons) and paramedical experts, providing all the necessary, state-of-the-art, instruments to implement comprehensive rehabilitation programs while its whole concept is based on a highly human-centered philosophy. According to that, the person attending a rehabilitation program is essentially a participant and accomplice throughout his recovery process.

FILOKTITIS is equipped with state-of-the-art systems that make them a leader in Greece in the field of rehabilitation. Lokomat: the latest technological breakthrough in the field of Robotic Assisted Gait, Erigo: device for the early rehabilitation phase of neurological patients and Hydrophysio: aquatic treadmill with adequate water resistance.


speech therapy,

occupational therapy,



clinical dietician,


rehabilitation nursing and


are among the highly specialized services available to FILOKTITIS’ patients.


Nervous System Diseases such as : strokes, spinal cord injuries, head injuries , multiple sclerosis, neuritis, polyneuritis, polyradiculoneuritis, degenerative Nervous System Diseases, Congenital or familial diseases
Respiratory System Diseases : Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, fibrocystic pneumopathy, asthma
Muscoloskeletal System Diseases such as: Multitraumatic patients, Fractures, Spinal cord injuries, Amputations, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Arthropathies, Rheumatic Diseases, Post –operative rehabilitation after corrective bone, joints and tendon surgery
Cardiovascular System Diseases : Post myocardial infraction, After heart and vascular surgery
Multisystem Diseases
Specific Disorders due to Neurological Lesions such as : Neurogenic bladder, Disorders of higher cerebral functions
Specific Congenital Immunological Disorders such as:myelomeningocoele, cerebral palsy, myopathy


FILOKTITIS, carrying on its efforts with increasing strength for the provision of continuously developing healthcare services, is always a step ahead. It provides high quality healthcare and rehabilitation services, accommodating cutting-edge equipment and operating on the support of top clinicians-collaborators, scientists, nursing and administrative staff of all specialties.

 TUV Certification

At the end of 2012,  FILOKTITIS was certified according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 for the Quality Management System  The  certification was awarded following thorough inspection by TÜV Hellas (a subsidiary of the German TÜV NORD GROUP). The inspection conducted in 2012 as well as the inspections and supervisions performed between 2013 and 2014, confirmed the high quality of healthcare services provided by the Hospitals of the Group IASO on every occasion. At the end of 2013, the HACCP Certification was awarded  for Food Services.

Medical Tourism Certification by TEMOS

At the beginning of 2013, FILOKTITIS was certified by the international Medical Tourism Certification Body “TEMOS International”, seated in Germany, for the provision of high quality services and the state-of-the-art infrastructure. The certification was awarded subsequent to the inspection conducted by the “TEMOS” international inspection team.

“TEMOS International”, also represented in our country, focuses on international patient management and certifies the patient management and safety procedures based on the observance of the best practices and the conformance with international insurance companies’ requirements, European insurance funds and other involved institutions operating in the greater market of medical tourism and cross-border healthcare.

For the next years FILOKTITIS was certified anew, following the annual inspection conducted by the international Medical Tourism Certification Body “TEMOS International” and once more officially confirmed the top quality healthcare services provided.

FILOKTITIS recommended by the Diplomatic Council (DC) as “Preferred Patrner Clinic 2017 ”

At the end of 2013, FILOKTITIS as a member of IASO Group  officially recommended by the Diplomatic Council (DC) as “Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014”. The distinction was renewed at the end of 2014 and thusly the Clinics of IASO Group are also created and officially recommended by the Diplomatic Council (DC) as “Best Hospitals Worldwide 2015”. The Diplomatic Council, seated in Hague, is a global think tank organization, comprising world-renowned members from the areas of diplomacy, politics, industry, art and sports. The said accreditation follows the certification of IASO Group by the Medical Tourism Certification Body “TEMOS International” and by “TÜV Hellas” (TÜV NORD GROUP) according to ISO 9001:2008 for the high standard services and the ultra modern infrastructure.

IASO Group, always a step ahead, based on its high quality certification for all its Hospitals (IASO, IASO Children’s Hospital, IASO General, IASO Thessaly and Filoktitis) according to ISO 9001:2008 and its whole effort in safeguarding quality -now certified by TEMOS international and the Diplomatic Council for all its Hospitals- signals the expansion of its activities in the international market of Medical Tourism.

Medical Services: 

Intensive Care Unit
Outpatients Rehabilitation Services
Home Therapy
Day RehabCare


Filoktitis provides resources to help individuals and their families attain their personal rehabilitation goals and implies a set of holistic, interdisciplinary and organized therapeutic concepts.

Rehabilitation is an integral part of holistic health care, which aim at restoring the person’s health and activity, taking into account both physical and mental aspects. Rehabilitation at Filoktitis is highly indicated after serious medical interventions, such as a complicated orthopedic surgery or spinal surgery or after suffering serious diseases such as stroke, spinal cord lesions, and musculoskeletal system, amputations, traumatic brain injury, and the others.

Rehabilitation at Filoktitis includes preventive and rehabilitative aspects. In other words, rehabilitation is focused on improving and maintaining the balance and functional activity of the human body and launching the health restorative processes.

Filoktitis offers the possibility of stationary, outpatient or inpatient-outpatient health measures for patients from all over the world.

The expert team of the rehabilitation clinic in Filoktitis includes specialists from various disciplines, graduate psychologist, specialized nurses, physiotherapists, sports therapists, lymph therapists and, dietitians, who work hand in hand in order to achieve the therapeutic aim as soon as possible.


Hospitalization covers:


Or after a surgical operation and stabilization of their situation.


whose commencement of rehabilitation was delayed due to a variety of complications or lengthy stay in the ICU.


Who have never participated in a rehabilitation program.


For follow-up, application of an erecting or prosthetic apparatus, the commencement of a new therapy of for diagnostic investigation and evaluation.


But present the possibility of functional improvement.


For the application of new clinical diagnostic or therapeutic programs.


FILOKTITIS’ HCU host up to 12 patients and it is equipped and staffed according to the directions of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. In our Unit, we hospitalize patients immediately after their exit from an Intensive Care Unit, a Neurosurgery or Neurological Unit, but also severe medical cases from the Departments of  Surgery/Pathology and Orthopaedics, caring at the same time for their recovery.

Pefkon & Pesistratou - Karellas
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